The Pointe-Saint-Charles Art School offers a variety of sculpture classes and workshops for students of all levels and walks of life.

Sculpture Classes École d'art Pointe-Saint-Charles Art School

Introduction to Classical Sculpture

This course teaches classical techniques in clay modeling. Students will have the choice to sculpt a 3-D portrait copying a bust or using a photograph (reproduction of a 2-D image into a 3-D image). The finished product will be ready to take home once it is dried.

Materials cost (to be paid to the instructor) :  10 lb clay, $10 / 25 lb clay, $20

Fridays, April 6 – 27,  6:30 – 9:30
4 weeks: $115 + tx

Instructor: Jan Stohl

Pulp paper sculpture Classes École d'art Pointe-Saint-Charles Art School

Pulp Paper Sculpture

This class will explore the creative possibilities of sculpting with pulp paper, focusing on figurative works. Students will learn papier maché construction methods, building small armatures to create 3-D artwork, along with a variety of finishing options. This class is designed to be an introduction to this method, in order to show it is possible to use papier maché as a sculptural medium. The exercises will focus on creating form, working with pulp paper materials, and exploring surface treatments. Participants will have time to create a few small objects and explore finishing techniques. Handouts for obtaining materials and an outline of techniques will be provided. No previous sculptural experience is necessary: appropriate for beginner and intermediate artists.

$20 materials cost (to be paid to the instructor)

Saturdays, April 7 – 28, 9:30 – 12:30 pm
4 weeks: $115 + tx

Instructor: Anne Brisson